Why Courtney Kahla Loves Aleavia Vegan Skin Care

Our Plant-Based prebiotic skincare line features our Lavender Body Cleanse, an organic body wash made with Acadian sea kelp, coconut oil, and pure lavender oil, along with a few other pure, organic, non-toxic, GMO-free ingredients. We are excited to highlight the many benefits of our Lavender Body Cleanse in today’s post, especially because we are able to highlight what Courtney Kahla has to say about what some have called the best vegan body wash around. We aren’t interested in starting a competition, but we’d rather simply explain the essence of our natural body wash and why its prebiotic nature is helping so many achieve the most beautiful skin they’ve ever had.

The Ingredients

Let’s start with the basic elements of what make this organic body wash what it is. It contains lavender essential oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, dead sea salt, Acadian sea kelp, plant glycerin, citric acid, and filtered water. The 16 oz bottle contains a natural body wash that is entirely natural, organic, non-toxic, biodegradable, and GMO-free. As is the case with all of our plant-based skin care products here at Aleavia, our vegan body wash is environmentally-friendly, free of all artificial dyes and scents, animal byproduct-free, cruelty-free, along with being paraben and chemical-free as well.

What Is Prebiotic Skin Care?

Although we address the matter in detail in our dedicated prebiotic skin care resource, we’ll provide a high-level summary to make sure everyone is on the same page. Fundamentally speaking, prebiotics are “superfoods” which nourish the skin by naturally cultivating healthy microbes (good bacteria) that can be found on every individual’s skin. The prebiotics help eliminate damaging bacteria while nourishing the beneficial microbes to promote a more balanced skin pH. This translates to the repairing of scares, wounds, blemishes, in addition to slowing the aging process while strengthening in the skin via supplementing your skin’s moisture quotient.

Put another way, we are changing the way people think about skin care. If you want healthy, radiant skin, you need to put aside what you thought you knew about what a proper routine should look like. Feed your body’s biggest organ with organic, living nourishment.

As you can tell, we are only scratching the surface with regards to the complex processes that occur when you give your body Aleavia’s prebiotic skin care cleansers, moisturizers and washes. Prebiotic skin care can be used as one of the best natural acne treatments around, in addition to being used as a natural eczema cream.

What Benefits Does The Plant-Based Body Wash Offer?

Excellent question, we are glad you asked! The prebiotic body wash feeds the “good bacteria” in your skin’s microbiome, as we’ve already established, which translates to well-balanced, nourished skin. More specifically, common benefits include:

  • Make your hair beautiful and balanced when used as a shampoo.
  • Stabilize pH and eliminate body odor.
  • Reduce sun spots.
  • Soothe and calm body psoriasis and keratosis.
  • Improve the appearance of burns and fresh scars.
  • Soothe and calm body eczema.
  • Clean your whole body and make your skin as smooth as satin.

Why Courtney Kahla Loves Aleavia

In a recent interview with Beauty Independent, the beauty blogger Courtney Kahla spoke about a variety of topics ranging from her upbringing to how she became an influencer. She talks about her path to becoming an influencer, how she chooses brands to partner with, and, of course, which brands she’s “crushing on” right now.

It probably doesn’t surprise you (given the title of this article, after all), that Courtney is crushing on Aleavia body washes. Says Courtney, “Anyone who knows my page knows I don’t often use body wash, but since it’s prebiotic it really fosters the microbiome that is so important in supporting skin as its own system.”

We are thrilled that someone with the reputation and following like Courtney is a strong believer in what we do here at Aleavia. We are passionate about what we do, and the more folks that try our prebiotic skin care and organic body washes means the more people we can help. If you’ve never tried Aleavia, there’s no time like the present! If you already are an avid user, help us spread the word! Thanks for reading, and make sure you reach out to us if you have any questions or would like additional information about our organic skin care brand or products.

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