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Bottle of Aleavia Renew Nail Mist

Aleavia Renew Nail Mist | Prebiotic Nail Mist


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Experience holistic nail health with our all-natural, prebiotic renew nail mist

Restore the color, strength, and clarity of your nails with a gentle mist! The effective blend of six natural, organic ingredients from the earth and ocean help cleanse, repair and rejuvenate even the most stubborn dermatological problems afflicting the nails.

This product has been proven to greatly reduce nail fungus by feeding the helpful bacteria on the skin and nails. This is achieved by stimulating the fast-acting microorganisms and causing them to consume the nutrients fungus needs to survive.

If you’re tired of hiding your hands or longing to kick off your shoes in public, Aleavia Renew Nail Mist is the answer you’ve been searching for.

This gentle but effective blend of six natural, organic ingredients helps cleanse, repair and rejuvenate your nails from even the most stubborn nail problems. Aleavia Renew Nail Mist has been proven to greatly reduce nail fungus by stimulating your skin’s fast-acting microorganisms.

These active microorganisms starve fungus by consuming the available nutrients, giving you clear, strong nails with the rich, healthy color that you’ve been dreaming of.

Aleavia Renew Nail Mist is:

  • 100% natural and organic.
  • Non-toxic and GMO-free.
  • Chemical- and paraben-free.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • Free of all fragrances and dyes.
  • Safe for everyone in the family, even baby.
  • Vegan.
  • Always cruelty-free.

Best uses for Aleavia Renew Nail Mist:

  • For rapid healing on fingernails or toenails affected by fungus
  • For rapid elimination in all varieties of Athlete's Foot including:
    • Interdigital
    • Moccasin
    • Vesicular


Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Acadian Sea Kelp, Citric Acid, Soy Lecithin, Aloe Vera


4 oz  fine-mist spray

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Angela B
It Works

I bought this for my husband and he has been using it twice a day on his toe nails. We can both tell the difference. They are starting to look more healthy after years of looking dark colored. We are very thankful we found this product.

This stuff ACTUALLY works!

I apply this 2-3 times a day, and within the first 3ish days of using this - I noticed a significant difference in my nails. It kicked in that fast!

Jacquelyn Larson

Awesome - I love the lavender body wash. This will be the only soap I use from now on!

Tania Miller

Renew Nail Mist

Jaqueline Mora
Great products

I love your products

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3103 reviews
Thankful for Fragrance free options

My family of 5 has exclusively used Aleavia in our shower for 2 and a half years. We are very pleased with the fragrance free option and have peace of mind using it with our 3 little girls.

Love that my skin does not feel dried out and stripped after using, but still feel like it cleanses my skin well!

Best lotion

I love the smell first off. The lotion is so soft and penetrating into the skin so quickly. Doesn’t just sit on the skin. Absolutely no greasy feeling at all.

First timer!

I started following Aleavia after seeing a few influencers recommend it. It has truly saved my skin. No more dry skin with red bumps during the winter. My skin is soft. Can’t wait to purchase more products!

Mandatory fee?

A mandatory fee that just shows up in your cart and isn’t explained anywhere…..hmmmmm