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Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse bottle
Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse bottle (behind)
Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse bottles displayed next to a spoonful of sea salt

Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse - 2 Oz Travel Size


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Keep your skin Microbiome happy on the go. Pack one of these 2 oz Travel Size bottles of our famous Enzymatic Body Cleanse and keep your skin clean and healthy for overnight trips.  This is the same great formula we have had for years just now in a handy 2 oz travel sized bottle.  Bon Voyage!

Customer Reviews

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Christina Lee
Happy skin !

Love this product! My skin which has been an itchy mess for a few months but it is now happy after using aleavia !! I love the scent and a little bit goes a long way so the whole family has been using it and we all love it! Will be buying more!

Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse/Unscented Body Lotion

These products have been a literal life saver! I’m extremely allergic/sensitive to chemicals, fragrance/scent especially since being chemically injured.. and because of Aleavia, I finally have health safe head to toe body product options again. Hair washing and all. Thankful for this company is an understatement. Now I’m just hoping there may be a way to create similar cleaning (all purpose, dish, laundry .. ) products in the future ;) Travel size lotion/fragrance free unscented hand wash ;)

Sara Kahla
Love it and shared it!

I ordered for myself to replenish and ordered to share with family and friends for Christmas gifts. I have heard back from those that were gifted and they are quite pleased, especially with the lotions! Keep up the great work!

Love it!

I'm so glad I can take this amazing body/face wash with me when I travel!

Dee D.

Compared to the full-size bottle, the travel bottle didn’t even compare, nor did it foam up. Super bummed.

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I received this and it smells disgusting. I need a refund please! I have already reached out to customer service but need the return instructions


I am not sure where you are trying to contact Customer service but this is the first we have heard of this. Our unscented lotion should not have much of any smell so please contact at so we can figure out what might have happened to your lotion. Thank you

Love this stuff

I absolutely love this kit. It’s my go to


My teenage daughter started using this product about three weeks ago. Her acne has not went away; however her skin looks healthier and glowing.

Smells amazing!

Over the e last 10 years I’ve cleaned up my skin care/shower routine and had given up hope on using good smelling soaps. I love that I can use this soap on my toddler and I feel good about the ingredients. The face wash I purchased does burn my eyes a bit though. But that’s ok, I just choose to be more careful around my eyes. It’s worth it for the ingredients list.

Very drying

I did not like this lotion at all and ended up giving it away. It made my hands very dry.