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Aleavia Package Protection

Aleavia Package Protection


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Great quality wash!

A wonderful addition to my shower! My winter, itchy skin is totally relieved!

Love the smell!

We love how the honeysuckle body cleanse feels on our skin! Plus it smells amazing.:)


I love the scent of this body cleanse! I was hesitant at first to purchase an item I was unable to smell first, but I am pleased. This is my first experience with Aleavia and switching from traditional highly-fragranced body washes. I love the scent and that my skin doesn't feel itchy, irritated, or dry after showering. I'll be purchasing again!

In love

The body wash I bought is amazing. My kin feels soft and it’s definitely not dry. If anything, this adds natural moisture to my skin. I also use it to shave my legs and it’s so much better than using toxic shaving creams but it’s been years since I’ve ditched those. I love the scents too and will definitely keep buying.

My HAIR and my SKIN LOVE this product!

My body prefers these products without essential oils. My hair does NOT require any conditioner afterwards and the lotion for my skin has my daughter wondering why my skin feels softer than hers! I have tried many organic skin and hair care products but these are the absolute CLEANEST I have ever found and I am so grateful I have!