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Kelley Graham And Dr. Whitney Bowe Live In New York City

Recently, in New York City at Balance & Beyond 2018, we got to sit down and chat with the highly esteemed Dr. Whitney Bowe, author of “The Beauty of Dirty Skin”.

During this series of wellness events, we were fortunate enough to lead many discussions surrounding the importance of feeding the good “bugs” on and in our bodies.

In the video below, you can learn more about the difference between prebiotics and probiotics, as well as pick up on some helpful tips about hygiene and about the importance of feeding the good bugs that exist on our skin. 


Aleavia Brands Leads The Way In All Natural Skin Care

Here at Aleavia, we are paving the way for all natural skin care. Our products are different than most organic skin care brands. We provide a 100 percent plant-based skin care product. Why do we utilize a plant base for our skin care? The answer is for many reasons.

For one, our 100 percent plant-based skin care products act as a natural food source for what we refer to as the good bugs on your skin. These bugs are actually microbes that live all across our bodies.

You may have heard about how eating foods or taking supplements with probiotics is good for your gut health as it feeds important microbes inside your stomach. Well, Aleavia products are essentially the same thing, except for your skin.

This is where prebiotics come into play. Just as eating a dish of probiotic-laden yogurt will help feed the good microbes in your gut, using the right skin care products with prebiotics will feed the good microbes on the outside of your body. These microbes are responsible for the natural balance of your skin.

Looking for that beautiful glow? Want to stop aging in its tracks? By feeding the good bugs on your skin, you can help combat aging and gain back your youthful glow.

Here at Aleavia, we carry an array of products you can choose from, each with their own unique benefit. We discuss them further in the video above.

They include the following:

  • Facial Cleanse
  • Body Cleanse
  • Restore Soothing Mist
  • Acne Repair Kit
  • Skin Restoration Kit

To learn more about our products, shop our all natural skin care line online here.

Also, feel free to reach out to us at any point with questions about how our skin care products can help you achieve healthy skin. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve balanced skin through natural means.

Balancing Your Skin Out Naturally

In the above video, we talked about a lot of the most common questions people have about prebiotics and probiotics. One question a user asked us was the following:

“Should I wash my face every day?”

When you are trying to retain the natural balance of your skin by keeping those good bugs around, you may think the logical conclusion is to stop washing your face or to stop showering daily.

However, while you do want to nurture and love the good bugs on your body’s skin, you still want to rid your body of the free radicals that accumulate after a day out and about. You also don't want to leave makeup on your skin overnight, as this can damage your natural balance.

So, yes, keep washing your face and taking those cleansing showers. Just ensure that when you do so, you use all-natural products that are designed to balance your skin, not strip it of important nutrients.

Many products on the market today are created with harsh chemicals that decimate the important microbes on your body. Instead of destroying the balance your body is trying to achieve, our exclusive prebiotic formulas work at the cellular level to nurture and feed the good skin microbiome across your body and face.

Skin Care For Every Skin Type

No matter how young or old you are, or what type of skin you have, our all natural skin care products will provide you with the balance your skin craves. Show some love for your skin by purchasing one of our products today or opt for a skin restoration kit to bring balance to your whole body.

Here at Aleavia, we believe that creating a healthy, balanced body includes the skin you reside within. Check out our products today and start enjoying healthy, glowing skin.

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