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Organic Lotions

Prebiotic skincare is all about replenishing your skin's healthy bacteria so it can heal itself.

That's why our lotions only include all-natural ingredients that restore your skin microbiome.

The result is radiant, healthy skin, all without toxins and synthetic chemicals.
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3839 reviews

I really love the scent but fear I’m allergic

Lavender body wash

Excellent product!!! Thank you so much!!!

Cranberry lotion

Love it!!! Please make it an item always available! Thank you so much!!!


This lotion is absolutely amazing! Such quick absorption and the unscented is nice for people that do not want very little or no scent on their skin. Highly recommend!!!

Cough Syrup

I really like the Lavender scent, but this Cranberry one smells like Robitussin Cough Syrup.