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Organic Skin Care with Prebiotic Ingredients

We use non-toxic, plant-based ingredients to feed your skin what it really needs.



Aleavia’s ingredients are a unique synergistic blend of prebiotics, a new frontier in the world of organic skin care.

Prebiotics are nourishing “superfood” for the skin which naturally feeds the skin's healthy microbes. Prebiotics diminishes harmful bacteria and creates a balanced skin pH. This healthy enzymatic activity stimulated at the cellular level aids in skin restoration, accelerates recovering in problematic skin and repairs skin from blemishes, scars and wounds.

Prebiotics naturally produces hyaluronic acid, improving the skin’s moisture content and strengthening the skin’s protective barrier, which aids in slowing the aging process. The power of prebiotics unlocks radiant and healthy skin!



I’ve had dry skin and hair problems for years, I’ve been using this body cleanse for about a week on my body, face, and hair (with no conditioner) and my skin has never felt softer or healthier or cleaner!! Best body wash ever

Rachel J

Love !

This was my first purchase but not my last ! I love this stuff .i feel clean after using & my skin doesn’t feel stripped in the cold WI weather .

Megan J.

My Favorite!

I have tried so many gentle face cleansers and this is my favorite! It creates enough suds to feel clean but my skin stays hydrated. It has zero heavy fragrance which I love. It just has a simple clean feel and smell and works great!


The Enzymatic Body Cleanse is the best thing I have used on my skin! My eczema is gone! My skin feels amazing! I've only been using it for a little over 2 weeks and saw results after just a few days!


Thank you for clearing my skin! I was so scared to give up my chemicals to try to clear my acne but I'm so glad I did! I am on a journey to using clean ingredients!

Chelsea Dawson Bevins

I have only been using these products for the past 10 days and I am so pleased with the results so far!! I am 72 years young and now my skin has never felt and looked better! I have spent so much money over the years on different products claiming to do miracles and have been disappointed with the results until now!! I am excited to look in the mirror again!

Linda T.

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My Favorite!

Clean ingredients (that I can pronounce!), it smells great, good pice, and it’s safe for all ages! One of my favorite benefits, besides the clean ingredients, is that I use it for everything, body wash, hair wash, and for my kids (including my new born) which has been wonderful as now I have one bottle in my shower instead of five! My hair is happy, healthy, and the longest it has ever been. Using it in my hair took some getting used to (very little foaming, which is beneficial, just different), but after hearing the benefits if not using surfactants in your hair while listening to a podcast The Spillover I changed over to aleavia immediately! I am so pleased with it! My little kids smell amazing too!! I could sit and smell their hair all day. On a side note: my NB had a light case of eczema and it went away after using this, I have a spot of eczema and it is hard to say if it has gotten better… but being as this is not the reason I switched and the jury is still out on mine, I am not concerned. Aleavia, keep up the good work, I love supporting good small businesses.


We have been overhauling all our personal care items and I have been trying to find a body wash that works well but also smells great without using synthetic or artificial fragrances. This one is SO good! It smells amazing, just like fresh honeysuckle flowers and it leaves a soft hint of it even afterwards. I can't wait to order the other scents to try them. The only negative is the's super expensive for a bottle of body wash and I wish they ran deals or coupons more often.

Wonderful for my skin

I just love this product - my skin is so very happy now!

Love it!

I wish I would have gotten the grapefruit! This body wash is great, I've gotten a good load of friends to switch because it's so much better and leaves you with no yucky feelings.
It has helped my chicken dots on my arms to calm down too, which was a huge reason I got it.

I finally found the miracle lotion!

I’ve suffered from eczema and psoriasis for years and I’ve tried every lotion, cream, and ointment out there to get rid of this stubborn patch but nothing has worked to heal it, I’ve only found a couple creams that keep it at bay. I came across Aleavia lotion in my research and bought a bottle to try. A few days of using it and I started to notice things actually healing for once! I was skeptical though, as I thought other creams were healing at first, but no real progress was made after months. Aleavia is lotion though has continued to heal and now the skin is almost normal! I can’t believe I finally found something that works! This stuff is amazing! Great facial lotion as well. Seems to reduce my acne.

My only complaint is about the bottle. The stem for the pump doesn’t reach the bottom of the bottle, so ~ 1/5th of each bottle is left when the pump stops working and I have to flip it upside down into a bowl to get the rest out. Very frustrating. Why can’t a stem be designed that can get to almost all the lotion in the bottle?