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Prebiotic Skin Care Benefits - Why Try Aleavia!

Prebiotic Skin Care Aleavia

In our last post, we took the time to share a little bit about our origin here at Aleavia. Kelly Graham founded Aleavia, our prebiotic plant-based skin care company, with the cornerstone principle that nourishing our body’s skin is just as important as nourishing the inside of our bodies. While much of the past few years have seen a newfound focus on probiotics and gut health, we are just starting to understand the impact that beneficial microbes found on our skin’s microbiome can have with regards to our immune system, inflammation, skin health, and general wellbeing. Although we encourage you to read up on story on our “About Us” page or our previous blog post, the long and the short of it is that Kelly Graham, our owner and founder, discovered the power of prebiotics (feeding the good bacteria already thriving on your skin) after trying nearly everything under the sun to solve her daughter’s battle with eczema. She realized that the common thread between the many traditional (often chemically-based and therefore harmful) skin care products was that they disrupted the delicate balance that exists between the skin’s microbiome and you, the host of a thriving ecosystem.

While Kelly was exploring every which natural skin care line she could find, she was able to witness the powerful benefits of prebiotic skin care products for herself. After teaming up with a specialized and experienced prebiotic formulator, Kelly’s daughter’s eczema issues were resolved in the span of a month.

After seeing prebiotic skin care’s benefits first hand, Kelly couldn’t stop with only solving her daughter’s issues. She was and remains engrossed by the natural nourishing of our skin’s beneficial microbes. Hence, Aleavia Plant-Based Prebiotic Skincare was founded with the intention of giving folks with skin issues the most radiant skin they’ve ever had! Fast-forward to the present day, and we still remain an organic skin care brand looking to do something unique in our industry. We fully understand there are plenty of skin care lines in existence that claim to be unique. But what we are doing at Aleavia is truly revolutionary. If you are ready to understand more about prebiotic skin care and how it can help a wide range of issues that the whole family might be dealing with, keep reading! We’d love to tell you more about our pioneering effort to completely flip the way we understand skin health upside-down.

The Power Of Prebiotics

“Best face wash I’ve ever used. I have been using this face wash for about half a year now, and it keeps my face clearer than anything I've ever used. It also doesn't dry out my skin like most others, it also lasts me months while other face products run out in less than one. I love that the ingredients are all natural, it works well with my incredibility sensitive skin.” - Brittney S., Five Stars, Testimonial

Your skin’s microbiome, the environment where billions of yeasts, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms call home, is the key to healthy skin. While by and large the overwhelming majority of these microbes are harmless, some are beneficial. The prebiotic skin care formula we’ve developed at Aleavia feeds the beneficial bacteria, whereby the harmful microbes get starved and stifled. While other chemically-based beauty products can disrupt the skin’s ecology with toxins and chemicals (leading to dry, dull, and problematic skin), one of the key benefits of prebiotic skin care is that it rebalances your skin health. The results of this rebalancing are many. Some of the most common prebiotic skin care benefits are listed below:

  • The increase of collagen production, which greatly impacts anti-aging appearance
  • The reduction of symptoms of eczema and rosacea
  • The increase of hydration
  • The acceleration of the repairing of problematic skin, reducing the appearance of scars, burns, blemishes, and wrinkles

Our organic prebiotic skin care line is natural, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, free of all dyes and fragrances, safe for the whole family (even baby), and is GMO, chemical, and paraben free. We recommend browsing our range of products to find the right combination of prebiotic skincare products you are excited about. But keep in mind that if you would like some advice about which product to try first (whether you have keratosis or are looking to control psoriasis), we’d be happy to learn more about what you are looking to accomplish and provide you with a recommendation. If you are ready to receive soft, glowing skin, it’s time to try Aleavia Plant-Based Skincare. Shop Aleavia organic skin care today!

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Smell is amazing! Skin feels clean.

Fresh scent

I love the smell of citrus and this body wash does not disappoint. It also makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed.

A very grapefruity scent - I feel clean and my skin is refreshed! My facial acne has also cleared up a bit more with this than with store brand facial cleansers.

Helpful for Hashimoto’s

I have Hashimoto’s disease and it’s been a long journey to find something that actually makes my skin feel and look better! My 3 year old son is having skin issues as well so I’m switching him to Aleavia too. I’m so thankful to Alex Clark on The Spillover for recommending your product!

New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist
Jennifer Brubaker
Worth it!

I am so happy with my rose water mist. The fragrance, hydration and effectiveness is much better than the original. Please make a rose water shower gel and lotion. This smells like fresh cut roses not synthetic. I would love to see more products with rose water.