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Sonni Abatta Reviews Prebiotics and Aleavia

Sonni Abatta is a lifestyle and beauty blogger who knows what she is talking about when it comes to motherhood, food, family life, fashion, and taking care of herself. She’s a veritable renaissance woman. If you’ve never read any of her work before, we recommend taking a look, because, as you’ll be able to tell from a few of the snippets we include in today’s piece, she’s quite a talented writer with some great things to say!

That’s why we are so thrilled to be able to highlight Sonni’s review of our prebiotic skin care line we offer at Aleavia. Of course, you could read Sonni Abatta’s appraisal or our organic skin care for yourself — we won’t be offended, promise. But if you read below, we intend to provide you with our own take on what Sonni has to say about our organic skin care brand. We figured, why not get the best of both worlds — hearing what an authentic lifestyle authority has to say about us, while we give you some interesting tidbits about how individual products are better for treating skin problems like eczema, acne,  sun spots, rosacea, and the like.

So if you’d like a real-life case study backed up by the science behind prebiotic skin care, keep reading, this post is for you!

Sonni’s Skin History

Like many of us, Sonni has tried a few different methods and products to get clear skin in her younger years. She begins her piece by recounting a traumatic experience that she had while walking out of a dermatologist appointment. Her dermatologist had just “literally lanced open all of my acne lesions to help clear my skin,” whereupon the then 21-year-old Sonni walked out of the office only to have someone hurt her deeply with an offhand quip, “It looks like you got hit with buckshot.”

She goes on to talk about how she really did have “bad skin,” as many of us have experienced at different points in our lives. She’s tried light therapy, oral medication, creams, prescriptions, lotions...the works. Not much helped, despite her deep desire for clear, healthy skin.

A Change

When Sonni discovered that the skin itself operates as a part of an organism, and the extent that individual facets of one’s life cannot be compartmentalized, she began to pinpoint some areas in her life that could be culprits of the skin she wished to improve: “It wasn’t until I learned about whole-body wellness—the impact of diet, exercise, environment, and the potential harm of our often-extensive modern beauty routines—that I could appreciate that good skin is not the result of a string of endless doctor’s appointments, but instead, knowing how to encourage your skin to do what it wants to do naturally–to be balanced, healthy and clear.”

In other words, those of us looking to improve the health of our skin need to realize how connected lifestyle decisions really are. Not only that, but your body already has much of what it needs to have radiant skin — we simply need to learn how to draw the good out and diminish what isn’t healthy.

Here is where Sonni pulls out the big guns, citing a peer-reviewed study on The Skin Microbiome by Elizabeth Grice and Julia Stone.

If some of you are motivated to digest such an in-depth research piece, more power to you. For the rest of us, we’ll summarize the science behind prebiotic skin care.

What Are Prebiotics?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of prebiotic skin care, prebiotics simply refer to “superfoods” that you can apply to your skin for nourishment. The food is eaten by millions of healthy microbes found on your skin, while the prebiotics work to reduce unwanted bacteria to give you a more balanced skin. Working on the cellular level, restoring the health of your skin through prebiotics leads to the repair of blemishes, wounds, and scars. This is a natural, organic skin care remedy, which means folks who are looking for an organic body wash, vegan body wash, or plant-based skin care can all find what they are looking for with Aleavia.

Traditional skin care routines often involve attacking the good germs trying to rebalance your skin’s health! As Sonni says, it’s time to find products that feed the good while diminishing the bad.

What Did Prebiotic Skin Care Do For Sonni?

We’ll let Sonni speak for herself: “I find it has kept my skin well moisturized (to the extent that I don’t even have to use a moisturizer if I don’t want to), cleans thoroughly with a mild lather, and I haven’t had any dry skin patches to speak of since using it. I don’t have the scientific data to back this up, but I do have my observations, and on the rare occasion when I have used a different body wash (on vacation, when I ran out, etc), I found that my skin was drier and not nearly as supple...I also really like the idea that this product is leaving behind good stuff on my skin...Recently I used the prebiotic soothing mist on my body after I got sunburned at the beach, and not only did it immediately soothe my skin, but it also seemed to help make the redness go away faster and develop into a tan quicker.”

Try It For Yourself!

So there you have it, Sonni experience remarkable results when using Aleavia, our organic skin care brand. She isn’t the only one, either, as Dr. Whitney Bowe has also recently weighed in on the prebiotic skin care phenomenon, as has Courtney Kahla. We encourage you to do your own independent research and learn what other experts are saying on the matter, but at the end of the day, all you have to lose is unhealthy skin.

If you are looking for radiant, healthy skin, consider Aleavia Plant-Based Skin Care for issues that include eczema, acne, and others. Our products are organic, containing non-toxic, biodegradable, and GMO-free ingredients like Acadian sea kelp, coconut oil, aloe vera, and others. Feed the good bacteria on your skin and get the healthiest skin of your life!

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