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What Is Prebiotic Skin Care?

First of all, that’s not a typo. Prebiotic skin care is not the same thing as probiotic anything. Probiotics refer to the addition of beneficial microbes to your gut or microbiome, whereas the term “prebiotic” refers to the process of feeding and nourishing those helpful bacteria.

Now that we have that basic misconception cleared up, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of today’s post; answering the question, “what is prebiotic skin care?” Perhaps you’ve never heard of the word “prebiotic” before, or perhaps you are a veritable expert on the subject matter and you want to make sure nobody is out on the internet spreading misinformation on the matter! Or perhaps you are someone who is desperate to find effective, affordable skin care, despite the fact that you’ve tried almost every kind of skin care routine under the sun, you haven’t lost all hope yet. Even if you have severe acne, psoriasis, or eczema, the answer for healthy skin has been right under our noses for years, we were just too busy not paying attention to notice it!

Understanding Prebiotic Skin Care

As we alluded to above, prebiotics are essentially just “superfoods” that nourish the skin. The vast majority of the microorganisms that live on your skin’s microbiome are either harmless or beneficial to your overall health. Nourishing the beneficial microbes reduces damaging bacteria to provide your skin with a more balanced, moisturized look. When folks use chemically-infused, traditional skin care approaches, the result typically leans toward drying out the skin or producing an excess of oil to counteract that from happening. But when we are able to utilize our new understanding of “good bacteria” vs bad bacteria, we see radiant skin with common skin conditions like eczema and acne being dramatically diminished.

Our Skin Is An Organ That Needs To Be Nourished

Quite simply, prebiotic skincare is an organic solution to skin care ailments. It simply promotes what your body naturally does well, but could use a little help with. When we use our prebiotic formula to reduce the appearance of scars, burns, blemishes, acne, and dry skin, the process occurs on a cellular level. Instead of keeping with our culture’s preconceived and incorrect notions that all we have to do is clean our skin of whatever gunk is on the surface after a long day, we need to think about our skin as an organ that supports a biologically diverse ecosystem that directly impacts our own health.

Shop Aleavia Organic Skin Care

Whether you are suffering with acne, eczema, moderately dry skin, rosacea, or are simply looking for a line of natural skin care products that are safe, affordable, and effective, we encourage you to try Aleavia Plant-Based Skincare. With 100 percent natural ingredients that include Acadian Sea kelp, coconut oil, aloe vera, Dead Sea salt, organic soy lecithin (non-GMO), and citric acid for brightening your skin tone and rebalancing its pH levels. Safe for the whole family, there is power in prebiotics. That’s why people are calling it the “Holy Grail Natural Product.”

If you’d like to promote hydration and collagen production for anti-aging purposes, shop Aleavia Prebiotic Skin Care today!

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Gentle and not irritating

I have such dry and flaky skin mostly my legs and arms and it has been nourishing, gentle, and not irritating. I don’t have to re-apply as much and smells really nice. I am sensitive to smells so I use it sparingly and not all over my body, for me the scent is a bit strong at first but it’s not irritating and the smell softens after a bit. I love it for myself and my kids as well.

Perfect lotion!

It’s light and it is great for my sensitive skin!

Amazing Product

This restore soothing mist is great! No fragrance if you are sensitive to smells. We use this as a face toner, and for many other skin issues like rashes, sunburns, etc. It works great for soothing skin and helping it heal!

My favorite! So glad to have your products! Finally something that doesn't irritate my skin or overwhelm me with scent

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