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When someone says "Bacteria,"what comes to your mind?

When someone says “bacteria,” what comes to your mind? If you’re a parent, you probably think of your child knocked out with a cold, sinus infection or any number of nasty, pathogenic illnesses. Unfortunately, things like "anti-bacterial soap" has taught our brains to be completely "anti-bacteria."

Bacteria, however, is absolutely essential to good health.

As it turns out, our bodies are filled with "friendly" bacteria that symbiotically work to balance our internal systems. A proper amount of good bacteria in the colon is one of the biggest helps to preventing pathogenic bacteria from reproducing and causing diseases.

If you’re privy to natural medicine, you may have heard of probiotics and prebiotics. Both work to stimulate the good bacteria in your gut and alleviate a staggering number of health issues.

People are quite fed up with synthetic toxins being applied to their skin. We live in the new era of natural medicine, and those with skin conditions have an increased hunger for all-natural, organic solutions.

We were fascinated by the incredible benefits of prebiotics and landed on the question: What if we used prebiotics to restore the healthy bacteria on the skin?

To our surprise and delight, we found that topical applications of our finely-tuned prebiotic formula produced incredible results for those with pesky skin conditions. These are people who have tried everything and struggle daily with conditions and no answers.

Prebiotics have proven to be nothing short of miraculous in rejuvenating the skin.

The formula for Aleavia works as a catalyst, stimulating the growth of good bacteria that overcome the unhealthy bacteria, process the dead skin cells and destroy contaminates remaining on your skin.

What each of these all-natural ingredients contribute to the health of your skin is remarkable, but it’s the combination of all of them that produce the incredible “prebiotic effect.”

In the next few weeks, We will be taking each ingredient and unpacking exactly what it does to benefit the skin and get it balanced. We know that the first step to wellness is education, and we intend to make it as fun, beneficial, and informative as we possibly can.

Have any thoughts on prebiotics? Let us know in the comments below!

Kelly Graham

Kelly Graham is the founder and President of Aleavia Brands, LLC. She has a passion for all things natural, real, and organic. Read more of her story here

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Works great! Give just the right amount in 1 pup.

Makes my skin feel so smooth and moisturized

Smells amazing & my skin loves it! Leaves me so smooth


I am so obsessed with this body wash! The orchid scent is ABSOLUTELY incredible. It is fragrant and flowery, but not too much (I am very sensitive to strong/overwhelming scents). After showering, I notice a nice and light scent on my skin. I have really enjoyed the other body wash scents that I have tried as well. My skin noticeably feels softer, looks better and is generally more moisturized after using this body wash consistently for 6 months. Before Aleavia, I dealt with back acne and sensitive skin especially after shaving, which have both almost completely stopped being a problem shortly after implementing this product into my routine. Another plus is the fact that Aleavia does not use any harmful or toxic ingredients in their products! I cannot recommend this brand and specific product enough to anyone who is considering trying it out!

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