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Orchid Body Cleanse
Orchid Body Cleanse

Orchid Body Cleanse


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Indulge your skin with some Eastern healing with Aleavia Orchid Body Cleanse infused with organic orchid oil. Orchid Oil has been used for centuries in Asia for its reparative and protective properties. Often considered the "perfect plant" for the skin, orchid oil is rich with minerals that exist naturally in the skin such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

 Aleavia Orchid Body Cleanse revitalizes the skin by feeding it what it needs most, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acting as a powerful antioxidant and humectant that moisturizes, soothes and conditions the skin.

The light silky lather of Aleavia Orchid Body Cleanse gently draws dirt and toxins from your pores, releasing nurturing prebiotics deep into your skin to provide nourishment  on a cellular level.

 Organic coconut oil combined with organic Acadian sea kelp, aloe Vera, Dead-Sea salt, and cold pressed orchid extract purifies your skin and infuses it with moisture. The relaxing scent of orchids will help melt away tension while the all-natural ingredients soothe sensitive skin and decrease inflammation. It all works to feed your beneficial skin microbiome to bring your skin back to a healthy balance.

Aleavia Orchid Body Cleanse is Commonly Used To:

  • Clean your whole body and make your skin as smooth as silk

  • Make your hair beautiful, add moisture and control frizz when used as shampoo

  • Stabilize pH and eliminate body odor

  • Improve the appearance of burns and fresh scars

  • Soothe and calm body eczema

  • Soothe and calm body psoriasis and keratosis

  • Reduce sun spots

Aleavia Orchid Body Cleanse is:

  • 100% natural and organic, nontoxic, biodegradable, and GMO- free

  • Scented with pure cold-pressed orchid extract

  • Environmentally-friendly

  • Free of all artificial fragrances and dyes

  • Paraben and chemical free

  • Free of animal by-products

  • Cruelty free


    Ingredients: Filtered Water, Orchid Extract, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Dead Sea salt, Acadian Sea Kelp, Citric Acid, Plant Glycerin

    Size: 16 oz bottle

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 233 reviews
    Megan Melvin

    Love this scent!

    Katie Floyd
    Body cleanse

    It’s weird getting use to a natural product that doesn’t have much foam when you scrub your body but I do like it so far!

    Jessica M
    Delightful Scent

    I absolutely love this scent! I worried it’s be too floral but went for it anyway. To me it is not overly floral but just perfect! I wish there was a lotion that was the same scent.
    This makes my skin so smooth and is gentle enough to be used on my face. Before I purchased the Aleavia cleanser I used this on my face if I didn’t have makeup to remove. Very satisfied with this purchase.

    Mary Johnstone
    Love it!

    The smell is amazing and I love how the cleanser works! I use it for my babies and on myself; it’s so gentle even on my face and my skin has stayed clear since switching over to it. It doesn’t feel nearly as dry after using, so I use less moisturizer.

    Joy Murray
    Orchid body cleanse

    I tried the orchid body cleanse and ha e been using it for about a month now. What a great change in my skin! It’s amazing!

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    2204 reviews
    Wanted to give Aleavia a try

    Nice feeling products, but didn’t help my eczema

    Excellent Product!

    I love this product- it works really well and equally important it has clean ingredients that I can trust using on both myself and my family.

    I love these products! You’ve got a fan for life!

    Lavender Body Cleanse
    Katie Fitzgerald

    I absolutely love the lavender body cleanse. It smells amazing, and my skin feels so nice afterwards. Highly recommend!

    Skin isn’t asht anymore

    Smells good, but not a strong over powering smell. Feels great on my skin.