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Petbiotics Unscented Prebiotic Pet Shampoo | Natural Dog Shampoo
Petbiotics Unscented Prebiotic Pet Shampoo | Natural Dog Shampoo
Petbiotics Unscented Prebiotic Pet Shampoo | Natural Dog Shampoo

Petbiotics Unscented Prebiotic Pet Shampoo | Natural Dog Shampoo


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Petbiotics is the fi­rst revolutionary prebiotic formula that helps ramp up your pets’ healthy bacteria to create a natural alkaline enzyme that gently absorbs beneath the dermal layers to quickly rebalance pH from the inside-out!

This natural process supports your pets natural healing and skin rejuvenation. So no matter if your dog has normal skin and you want them to have the shiniest and softest coat imaginable or your dog has sensitive skin from allergies or prone to bacterial and fungal issues, Petbiotics is for you! All of our products are 100% organic, GMO free, non-toxic and chemical and dye free!

Curious to discover how Petbiotics revolutionary prebiotic formula works to restore your pets’ skin and coat to a naturally healthy, shiny luster?

Here’s why.

Your veterinarian may have already told you that your pets’ skin and coat conditions are most likely caused by an imbalance of microorganisms and pH, or exposure to toxins and allergens. Unlike most pet shampoos, sprays and creams which aggravate pet skin conditions & negatively affect long term health…

Petbiotics is different.

When you apply Petbiotics revolutionary prebiotic formulations to your pets skin, you’re setting off a positive chain reaction that restores their healthy, clear skin & a radiantly silky coat through their natural biological systems.

Here’s how it works.

If you were to look at your pets skin through a microscope after applying Petbiotics, you would see the healthy microorganisms on your pets skin begin to ravenously feed on an alkaloid based, 100% natural & organic stimulant.

As they feed and multiply into an army of good—three critical, natural biological processes occur:

  1. Your pets’ newly grown healthy bacteria quickly overpowers the unhealthy bacteria.
  2. This ever growing balance of healthy bacteria begins to process all of the dead skin cells and contaminates remaining on your pets’ skin.
  3. As this healthy bacteria eliminates the unhealthy elements on your pet’s skin, they create a natural alkaline enzyme which gently absorbs beneath the dermal layers to quickly rebalance PH from the inside-out.

The Result:

Your pets’ skin conditions drastically improve because Petbiotics supports your pets natural healing and skin rejuvenation process. It rebalances their pH levels and good bacteria dominate.

These combine to make your pets’ fur transform from a rough, patchy mess into a soft, glistening coat!

While you probably do not have a microscope handy to watch this biological process in action, you will quickly see results with your naked eye.

In fact, within just a few applications you’ll see healthy new skin emerge as your pets’ currently lackluster coat begins to radiate a brilliantly shiny, touchable sheen.

And best of all, you will no longer need to worry about your pet licking, scratching, or biting at their skin condition because Mother Nature’s healing process will have worked its magic.

Plus Petbiotics is 100% natural, 100% organic, Non-GMO, allergen free, earthy-friendly, chemical and dye free.


Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Dead Sea salt, Acadian Sea Kelp, Citric Acid, Plant Glycerin


16oz bottle

Customer Reviews

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Kayt D
Itchy Boston Terrier Skin

This shampoo does wonders for our boston terrier's problematic skin. She's had issues her entire life and we've tried all sorts of topical creams, supplements, prescriptions & dog food changes. This shampoo paired with the leave on spray gives her the relief she needs. She used to hate baths, but now she knows she will feel so much better after switching to this.

Great Dog Shampoo

I love that I am confident the shampoo I'm using on my dog is all natural! It cleans his coat very well- I have a golden retriever- and leaves him feeling super soft once he's dry. He seems to enjoy it more than the other shampoo we used that had a fragrance in it that was, I think, quite strong for him . He was more relaxed and calm (doesn't love baths) when we've used this shampoo.

araceli hernandez
Clean Ingredients!

Ive been getting this shampoo for my dog that has sensitive skin and one thing that makes me feel comfortable using this vs other shampoos is the simple ingredients it is made with.

Didn’t work for us

Sadly this did nothing for our pugs. We had to go back to our old shampoo for them.

Robert Nio
Shampoo Review

My Havenese did not smell “fresh” after useage

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I really love the scent but fear I’m allergic

Lavender body wash

Excellent product!!! Thank you so much!!!

Cranberry lotion

Love it!!! Please make it an item always available! Thank you so much!!!


This lotion is absolutely amazing! Such quick absorption and the unscented is nice for people that do not want very little or no scent on their skin. Highly recommend!!!

Cough Syrup

I really like the Lavender scent, but this Cranberry one smells like Robitussin Cough Syrup.