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New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist
New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist
New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist
New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist
New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist
New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist
New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist
New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist
New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist
New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist

New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist


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Introducing our new

Rose Water Luxe Mist that will change your daily skin care regime forever!

This beautiful Luxe Rose Mist starts with only the best ingredients from earth and ocean.  First we combine our proprietary prebiotic base with a 10x stronger prebiotic concentration of Acadian Sea Kelp than our prebiotic body washes to feed and nourish your benificial skin microbiome.

The organic coconut oil, organic rose water, organic rose essential oil and aloe vera are aerated in a soft water mist that lands gently on the skin and evaporates into the air, leaving the powerful organic ingredients to settle on your skin to naturally help relieve the symptoms of your eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or dry, sensitive skin.

Aleavia Rose Water Luxe Mist also promotes collagen reproduction and works to restore the damage caused by age and everyday chemicals.

Aleavia Rose Water Luxe Mist is:

100% natural and organic, nontoxic, and GMO- free.

Chemical and paraben free

Free of all fragrances and dyes.

Contains no animal by-products.

Vegan and cruelty free.

Common Uses For Aleavia Rose Water Luxe Mist:

Serious skin hydrator.

Anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness or irritated skin.

Helps aid in treating acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Anti-aging because of its antioxidant and plumping power.

Acts as a natural toner, effectively balancing the skins pH, supply moisture, and soothe irritation.

Provides UV protection from sun.

Helps improve skin tone and brighten dark circles under eyes.

Plumps fine lines.

Great for mature skin to help reduce wrinkles. 

Helps reinforce the skin barrier.

A potent antioxidant.

How to use:  In the morning, wash your face with Aleavia cleanser and pat dry.  Spray our Rose Water Luxe Mist and let dry.  Then apply your moisturizer and SPF as needed.  For evening, repeat and follow up with your favorite moisturizer or serum.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Rosa Damascena Flower (Rose Water)*, Coco Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Ascophyllus Nosoum (Acadian Sea kelp)*, Citric Acid, Aloe Barbandensis (Aloe Vera) Powder*, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil (Rose Essential Oil)*

* Organic Ingredients

Size: 4oz Fine Mist Spray

Customer Reviews

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Rose water luxe mist


Emilee Baran
Rose water mist

First of all, the smell is absolutely amazing! As a few other reviewers stated, Aleavia should really try to create a rose water body wash!

So far this facial mist, really works great. I don't use makeup and only wash my face with water, and have now started incorporating this rose mist and my face definitely doesn't feel as dry and there are less blotchy patches on my cheeks / my face doesnt seem as irritated :) overall very happy with it and would recommend

Tatyana Bukrinsky

New! - Rose Water Luxe Mist

Becky Miller
Love This!!

I use this mist twice a daily; morning and evening. My skin feels so soft and hydrated. It’s great for a skin refresh after a long day wearing make up.

Rose Water Luxe Mist

A luxurious mist with the most lovely rose fragrance I wish could linger all day. It is refreshing and hydrating without a trace of stickiness like other mists and has become a favorite in my routine and in between. A rose-scented body cleanse would be Heavenly.

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3980 reviews

Makes my skin feel so smooth and moisturized

Smells amazing & my skin loves it! Leaves me so smooth


I am so obsessed with this body wash! The orchid scent is ABSOLUTELY incredible. It is fragrant and flowery, but not too much (I am very sensitive to strong/overwhelming scents). After showering, I notice a nice and light scent on my skin. I have really enjoyed the other body wash scents that I have tried as well. My skin noticeably feels softer, looks better and is generally more moisturized after using this body wash consistently for 6 months. Before Aleavia, I dealt with back acne and sensitive skin especially after shaving, which have both almost completely stopped being a problem shortly after implementing this product into my routine. Another plus is the fact that Aleavia does not use any harmful or toxic ingredients in their products! I cannot recommend this brand and specific product enough to anyone who is considering trying it out!

Aleavia Citrus Bliss Body Cleanse | Organic Citrus Body Wash

Love this clean cleanser!