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The Science Behind Aleavia

THE SCIENCE BEHIND ALEAVIA The science behind Aleavia plantbased, prebiotic skin care is smart, simple and straightforward -- if you want truly healthy skin you must nourish it, not just clean it.

Aleavia’s 100% plant-based, prebiotic proprietary blend of organic and natural ingredients of Acadian sea kelp, pure organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera, sea salt and plant glycerin acts as biostimulant superfood to nourish your skin

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So Incredible

I've been dealing with a form of dermatitis recently and have had to switch my body soap multiple times due to other soaps aggravating my skin. This is the only soap that has not only soothed the dermatitis, but also helped it heal to an extent. I have many allergies and sensitivities (food and chemical) and I have not had any problem with this soap! It truly is wonderful and worth the price.


Now dryness or residues when using! I just feel clean!

Moisturizing Hand Wash

I have extremely dry hands especially in the winter and this soap is so gentle and moisturizing. It is the only one that does not dry my hands out more every time is use it. I would highly recommend this hand wash and will continue to purchase it.


We love this body wash really awesome and gentle. Smells great

Smells great. Love the body wash and the hand soap.