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Aleavia is a Science-Based Product - What The Experts Are Saying!

In a recent Business Insider article, Mara Leighton highlights how harsh cleansers might be disrupting the skin’s good bacteria barrier and contributing to acne, along with what a dermatologist recommends we can do to restore the balance that has been lost. The dermatologist mentioned is none other than Dr. Whitney Bowe, who helped inform Mara Leighton of the many benefits that prebiotic skin care can provide folks looking for hydrated, balanced skin.

“Your skin has more than one trillion bacteria on it —an "invisible rainforest of microorganisms" originating from approximately one thousand different species. When you perpetually use harsh antibacterial soaps and cleansers, though, you strip the skin of its healthy bacteria -- and you upset your skin's healthy microbiome, which results in breakouts, rosacea flares, psoriasis, eczema, and more issues that are likely to be met with more soap and cleansers. But, if you work to restore your skin's natural balance, you allow its "good bugs" to help fight infections, combat environmental damage, boost your immune system, and keep skin looking hydrated and clear.”

The article showcased Dr. Bowe’s picks for topical skin care products which work to rebuild the skin’s natural barrier. One of her recommendations, as you might be able to guess, was Aleavia’s Restore Soothing Mist, our cooling mist that can instantly relieve dryness and irritation while nourishing the skin with plant-based, ultra-pure ingredients. Below is an expert from Dr. Bowe’s recommendation regarding how she prefers to use this vegan skin care product:

“I apply it to the dry or inflamed areas on my skin following my shower. If my skin is extra dry or inflamed, I'll then use a moisturizer on top for an added layer of hydration. If I'm heading to the beach, I give it a few minutes to absorb and then I apply sunscreen on top. It's very light and refreshing, feels very soothing, and Aleavia has done quite a bit of testing of this product to ensure its efficacy.”

As you can tell from Dr. Bowe’s sentiments, this is an all-natural skin care product that is worth giving a shot, at the very least. Once you do try this organic skin care product made from coconut oil, Acadian Sea kelp, citric acid, and aloe vera, we are confident you’ll notice its immediate relieving effects in addition to its long-term, sustainable restorative properties.

Carolyn Pierini, Clinical Microbiologist

Carolyn Pierini, a certified clinical microbiologist, was kind enough to leave us a five-star review with the title “Aleavia is a science-based product.” We were lucky enough to have Carolyn leave a detailed, glowing testimonial for us (without us prompting her to do so!) which we are so excited to share with our readers.

“To The Aleavia Team,

I have great respect for this product. As a clinical microbiologist, I knew that what was needed in skincare was a product that not only cleansed the skin, but protected its integrity in areas such as pH, and the skin's healthy microbial population. I was told about this product from a colleague. One of the best features about Aleavia is its ability to support the beneficial bacteria found on the skin that act as the dermal immune system. This system is responsible for producing the vital nitric oxide that is constantly protecting us from infection. I have reviewed the ingredients and am so impressed with the science regarding this product. Without a doubt, it is the safest, most pleasant product I have ever used. It doesn't dry my skin, so there is no need for lotions/emollients post-bathing. This is proof that it leaves no harmful film and protects the barrier chemistry of the skin. It is the only product my daughter will use on her babies and young children as she has noticed that it virtually eliminates the risk of diaper rash or skin irritation. Thank you to the formulators and the distributors of this product for creating a "game changer" in the skincare market. I wish you great success!


Carolyn Pierini, CLS (ASCP), Microbiology Dept.”

There you have it, straight from an expert’s mouth! Can you sense the momentum that is building with Aleavia and prebiotic skin care more generally? We certainly can, and it’s so exciting Thanks, Carolyn, we can’t express how much your backing means to us!

Dr. Gundry And Prebiotics

Dr. Steven Gundry has a single mission: to dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through his unique vision of diet and nutrition. With his experience spanning over 30 years, he’s come to the same conclusion that many of us have — that the key to sustainable health already lives in each of us, in the form of beneficial microbes. But the good bacteria are at risk of dying out if not given the proper nourishment. You need to take care of your good microbes by feeding them prebiotics. Dr. Gundry had this to say about the relationship between probiotics and prebiotics.

“I’m sure you’ve heard about probiotics, and how they can benefit your gut bacteria. But probiotics don’t always work! I’ve realized the reason why most people don’t actually absorb their probiotics is a lack of taking PREbiotics. Because in order for PRObiotics to really work, the right kind of nutrition must already be in the gut! Without that food, the probiotics just exit your system or die off, making them a waste of money and time. That’s why the body needs prebiotics.

See, prebiotics are a superfood for the good microbes in your gut. They cause gut bacteria to flourish, feeding the probiotics, and helping the body metabolize food more efficiently and manage weight more easily. Prebiotics are powerful, they can ease digestion, boost your mood, convert more food into energy instead of fat, and support the immune system.” - Dr. Steven Gundry, Gundry MD.

Though Dr. Gundry is focused on prebiotics as they are related to gut health, the premise is the exact same for the skin and skin bacteria. The beneficial microbes you need to experience radiant skin are already on your skin, they simply need nourishment in order to thrive!

Aleavia Plant-Based Prebiotic Skin Care

You’ve heard from the experts. Now it’s time to try Aleavia for yourself. Whether you’ve been struggling with eczema or acne for years or you simply are interested in learning more about how the power of prebiotics can change your health in a tangible way, we believe you’ve got nothing to lose — aside from your long-term skin problems, of course. We offer organic skin care products that are organic, natural, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, cruelty, chemical, fragrance, dye, and paraben-free. Experience the wonderful benefits of prebiotic nourishment, and Shop Aleavia today.

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