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Prebiotic Skin Care

The word “alleviate” can be defined as making a problem, deficiency, or suffering less severe. At Aleavia Plant-Based Skincare, our mission is to help people do exactly that through our prebiotic skin care.

We want to tell you a little bit more about organic skin care brand, our history, and how we can help folks with a wide range of skin care issues with our unique, all-natural skin care. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, allow us to explain some fundamental concepts.

What Is Prebiotic Skin Care?

Prebiotics are “superfoods” which work to nourish the skin. Prebiotics naturally cultivate the healthy microbes found on each person’s facial skin. They also work to reduce unwanted and damaging bacteria to make a more balanced skin pH. This healthy process occurs at the cellular level, resulting in the restoration of skin and the repair of wounds, blemishes, and even scars.

The benefits of prebiotic skin care are many; we will investigate more later on. But more generally speaking, prebiotics is a natural remedy to skin problems. Aleavia skin care products work to naturally produce hyaluronic acid, which enhances the moisture content of the skin, thereby strengthening skin’s protective shield of sorts. This has a supplemental effect of slowing the aging process by giving patrons tangibly more radiant and healthy skin.

Clearly, we are passionate helping people achieve a new level of skin health. People from all backgrounds come to us looking for remedies to a variety of ailments and issues. Among these requests are organic acne treatment, natural eczema cream, vegan skin care, and more. That is why we’ve developed a range of all natural skin care products to satisfy the many needs of folks seeking solutions to their unique problems. No two people are alike in terms of their disposition, but the commonality is that our plant-based prebiotic skin care line can treat a range of common issues.

Our Story At Aleavia

Kelly Graham founded Aleavia Plant-Based Prebiotic Skincare with one idea — to nourish the body’s largest organ, the skin. In this day and age, there is an appropriate focus on nutritional health, but we at Aleavia would argue that nourishing our bodies' largest external organ is just as integral as maintaining a balanced diet.

Kelly’s idea didn’t come out of thin air. The idea came in response to an arduous search for finding an effective moisturizer for eczema for her daughter. That search became something of a journey, a journey in which Kelly discovered an all-too-common occurrence; the body’s natural ability to protect itself is removed by the consistent use of chemically-derived “beauty” products. These damaging chemicals frequently unsettle the body’s natural harmony which can lead to dry skin, premature aging, acne, skin irritation, rosacea, psoriasis, and other serious problems.

Like any parent, Kelly did not rest until she found an effective and safe skin care solution for her daughter. Her journey led her to discover a prebiotic skin care formulator who boasted years of experience making organic skin care products. After a regimen of organic skin care for eczema, her daughter's eczema cleared up in under 30 days. Kelly knew this was a dawn of something special then — and the blossom that would flower into Aleavia began to grow.  

Kelly’s idea to share the prebiotic effectiveness with the world turned from an idea to a dream and into a possibility quite quickly. Fast forward to today and we are an organic skin care company with a passion beyond merely adding to the noise in this industry. We have a very real passion for seeing our customers become clients so that we can help more and more people achieve the best health of their lives!

What Is In Our Prebiotic Skin Care Products?

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves in a bit more detail, we hope that such context has piqued your interest into learning more about our plant-based skin care line. Below we detail the ingredients found (and those that are not found) in Aleavia Skincare.

The Aleavia Promise

Aleavia Skin Care uses a combination of 100 percent natural, organic and environmentally-safe ingredients. Aleavia is non-toxic, biodegradable, sulfate and sulfite-free, non-GMO, vegan and cruelty-free, and free from all artificial fragrances, dyes, and parabens.

Beyond the above promise we have made to anyone willing to try our products, we’ll outline our powerful, ultra-pure ingredients which we include to produce our line. Keep in mind these ingredients have been selectively sourced to ensure the most naturally restorative properties possible. Below you’ll find each ingredient and the practical benefits it has to offer.

 Organic Acadian Sea Kelp - anti-aging, detoxifying, and nutrient-rich properties

 Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - organic extra virgin coconut oil affords users to heal, protect, and moisturize

 Organic Aloe Vera - receive soothing, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties through organic aloe

 Dead Sea Salt - nutrient-rich, calming, anti-aging organic plant glycerine both softens and soothes skin for intrinsic and aesthetic value

 Citric Acid - a skin brightener, primarily; citric acid balances your skin’s pH levels

 Organic Soy Lecithin - non-GMO (of course) and antioxidant-rich to moisturize and soften your skin

To speak plainly, if you want healthy skin you must go beyond the preconceived notions that all you must do is clean your skin. We are talking about a living organ which needs nourishment — the concept is that simple. The application is more involved, which is why we are proud to do the complicated part on your behalf. All you need to do is have the desire to achieve radiant, healthy skin through our 100 percent plant-based, prebiotic proprietary blend of organic and natural ingredients we’ve highlighted above.

For The Whole Family

Whether you are seeking organic acne treatment for your teenager or you are like Kelly and need to find the best moisturizer for eczema available, Aleavia is for everyone. We’ve created our product line with the whole family in mind — yes, even for babies! Use these all-natural skin care products to promote more radiant skin or heal long-term or even chronic conditions.

The Power Of Prebiotics

“New Holy Grail Natural Product"

“Changed my skin almost overnight!!! I have tried A LOT of skincare products in my life. I have sensitive and dry skin. Nothing has worked this well this fast. I have had this bottle for 2 weeks and have almost completely clear skin. All that is left are my acne scars which have significantly reduced! Loved it so much I bought the holiday travel trio on their website directly. Don’t hesitate to make this purchase. You won’t regret investing in a non-toxic wash that lives up to the claims.” - Amazon Verified Purchaser, Five Stars

We wanted to highlight this testimonial because it glowed as much as the reviewer’s face now does! In all seriousness, we greatly appreciate such reviews because it shows our prospective patrons the reality of the situation. And while not everyone will experience dramatic results overnight, at the same time we have witnessed numerous stories that are similar to the one detailed above.

The Benefits Of Prebiotic Skin Care: A Closer Look

A biome, generally speaking, can be defined as a large, naturally occurring community of flora and fauna that occupies a major habitat, such as tundra, forest, and the like. More applicably, the environment that concerns us the most is the skin. The skin’s microbiome is home to a rich diversity of microorganisms, with the vast majority of them being either innocuous or beneficial to one’s skin. These organisms, among which are bacteria and fungi, provide essential functions for humans that we, with our limited human genome, have yet to develop on our own.

Because your skin’s biome is comprised of millions upon millions of both “unhealthy” and “healthy” bacteria, external factors like chemicals, toxins, and the environment disrupt the skin’s ecology which often results in dull, unhealthy, and problematic skin.

Prebiotic skin care specifically addresses the aforementioned disruption by stabilizing your skin’s biome, leaving you with more nourished and pH-balanced skin. Specifically:

 Our skin care products accelerate and repair problematic skin

 Increases collagen for anti-aging purposes

 Diminishes symptoms of eczema and rosacea

 Promotes hydration


“Have never seen a difference in my skin based on the cleanser I was using until I tried this. My skin was bumpy and dry and within two uses, bumps were gone and skin is not as dry. LOVE this product!!!” - Karen, Verified Purchase

Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse lightly removes excess oil, toxins, and the dirt found on the surface of your skin. What’s more, this organic “eczema on face treatment,” as some call it, will feed your skin’s healthy bacteria, whereby it protects your skin’s natural defense system. We recommend using Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse as a full-body cleanser to achieve silky, soft skin. Use it as both a shampoo and a facial cleanser in order to stabilize pH, eliminate body odor, reduce burns and scars, and even contribute to eliminating body eczema, psoriasis, and keratosis.

Aleavia Enzymatic Body Cleanse is:

 100% natural and organic

 Non-toxic and GMO-free

 Chemical- and paraben-free


 Free of all fragrances and dyes

 Safe for everyone in the family, even babies


 Always cruelty-free


“I am a HUGE fan of all of Aleavia's products! The Lavender Body Cleanse is wonderful! I'm not usually a fan of lavender, but the scent in this wash is very light and relaxing. I love to use this on my toddler before bedtime. She has very sensitive skin like me, and this wash is very soothing, and helps to calm down any inflammation.”

- Megan, Verified Purchase

As Megan notes in her testimonial, this soothing body cleanse can be used by anyone, regardless of age. The lather takes away toxins and dirt from your pores while releasing the wonderfully effective prebiotics to nourish your skin on a cellular level. Utilize the organic properties of Acadian sea kelp, organic aloe vera, and Dead Sea salt, to purify your skin while instilling it with hydration, the icing on the cake is the relaxing lavender scent, derived from pure lavender essential oil. It even helps enhance your circulation!

Aleavia Lavender Body Cleanse is environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, free of dyes, safe for the whole family to use, and all of the other bulleted points we listed for our Enzymatic Body Cleanse above.

We recommend using Aleavia Lavender Body Cleanse for purposes that include the following:

 Reduce sun spots

 Clean your entire body while making your skin more smooth than silk

 Soothe and calm body eczema

 Enhance the health and appearance of your hair when using it as a shampoo, making it more radiant and balanced

 Stabilize pH

 Eliminate body odor

 Soothe and calm body psoriasis and keratosis


“Since my daughter is at the beginning stages of puberty, her face has been breaking out. She wasn't happy about that and it made me feel hurt. I've tried many products and nothing had worked. Well let me tell you about the Aleavia facial cleanse I purchased for my daughter, totally in love with it and my daughter too. Within 10 days of using the facial cleanse, my daughter's face is clear. It's amazing and my daughter is so happy. It's definitely what you feed your body and I'm so glad I've found the product and super happy that knowing what goes on my daughter's face is nothing but clean and safe. If there were more stars to rate, Aleavia, you'll get 100 stars.” - Christina G., Verified Purchase

We absolutely love this testimonial provided by Christina. It reminds us why we do what we do here at Aleavia in the first place! The fact that Christina’s daughter’s acne cleared up in ten days speaks volumes about the all-natural acne treatment found in our Purifying Facial Cleanse.

Here’s how it works: when your skin shows disruptions like rosacea, sun spots, acne, premature aging, or eczema, it’s a tell-tale sign of imbalance. The Aleavia Purifying Facial Cleanse brings out the natural radiance your skin needs by gently removing dead skin cells, excess oil, and toxins to rebalance your skin’s pH levels. In turn, this relieves irritation, purifies your skin, and infuses your skin with moisture to bring out what we are sure will be the most radiant skin you’ve ever had.

This organic facial cleanser is best used for lightening sun spots, reducing fine lines, reducing the appearance of scars from acne, and for clearing face and neck acne, among other applications. We recommend browsing our variety of skin care products to find the selection(s) that is best for you. Keep in mind we have a dedicated Clear Facial Mist Acne Remedy available as well!

Clarifying Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

While we recommend taking a detailed look at our dedicated Frequently Asked Questions resource, we’d like to leave you with clarifying answers to a few of the most common queries.

What is the difference between your facial wash and body wash — don’t they have the same ingredients?

First of all, we appreciate your keen eye; yes, our facial and body washes start with the same prebiotic base. However, our body washes are comprised of 30 percent more coconut oil than our facial wash. We recommend using one of our prebiotic body washes on your face and body if you are experiencing dryness. Conversely, if you are dealing with excess oil, our Prebiotic Facial Cleanse would be our recommendation in most cases.

What is your recommendation for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and other skin problems of that ilk?

Consider our Restore Prebiotic Skin Restoration Kit, which includes both our Purifying Facial Cleanse and Restore Soothing Mist. In tandem, their effectiveness multiples by stimulating the growth of healthy microorganisms on your face.

Free Shipping On Orders Over $50

Free shipping on orders over $50 is great, but we ask you to consider our line of plant-based prebiotic skin care for the many benefits we’ve described. We want to be a part of your journey toward the most beautiful, healthy skin you’ve ever had. Contact us today if you have any questions at all.

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