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What People Are Saying About Prebiotic Skin Care At Aleavia

What People Are Saying About Prebiotic Skin Care At AleaviaThe internet is an amazing place. If you’re looking for it, you’ll be able to find plenty of information about prebiotic skin care, the skin’s microbiome, and the idea of good bacteria impacting skin health as well your general wellbeing. But you don’t have to do much searching to discover helpful resources related to what we do at Aleavia Plant-Based Skincare. Indeed, we have a dedicated resource highlighting prebiotic skin care of our own. We encourage our readers and prospective customers who are interested in learning more about the topic at hand to investigate this page for all it’s worth. In it, you’ll learn some of the science behind prebiotic skincare, in addition to finding out about the many benefits of prebiotic skin care, with some of them listed below:

  • Promotes hydration
  • Diminishes symptoms of eczema, rosacea, acne, psoriasis, and more
  • Increases collagen for anti-aging purposes
  • Accelerates the repairing of problematic skin

Aleavia Skin Care Reviews

We will, however, depart from our typical, informational-style of post in today’s blog in favor of highlighting a few of our favorite reviews on our organic skin care products. Why do we take the time to share these? To get the obvious yet truthful answer out of the way, it’s so we can highlight the positive results that so many people have experienced when using our cleanser for sensitive skin, organic body wash, eczema-on-face-treatment, or whatever the case may be. It’s not a revolutionary thought to submit that the more positive reviews there are for any given product or service, the more comfortable a prospective customer feels about trying it for themselves.

To take it a layer deeper, we genuinely appreciate the kind words that our customers have provided us with, not just because it helps us promote our organic skin care brand, but because it speaks to the degree that we are helping people experience real, tangible change. We are proud to be a part of that joy, so it’s a privilege to highlight some short stories that we’ve received as testimonials in today’s post.

Purifying Facial Cleanse

Our Purifying Facial Cleanse contains only seven pure, organic ingredients, including Acadian Sea kelp, aloe vera, and coconut oil. This product takes away dead skin cells, toxins, and oils while feeding your skin’s good bacteria (that’s the prebiotic part), leaving you with hydrated, balanced, and radiant skin.

“It’s Amazing And My Daughter Is So Happy”

“Since my daughter is at the beginning stages of puberty, her face has been breaking out. She wasn't happy about that and it made me feel hurt. I've tried many products and nothing had worked. Well let me tell you about the Aleavia facial cleanse I purchased for my daughter, totally in love with it and my daughter too. Within 10 days of using the facial cleanse, my daughters face is clear. It's amazing and my daughter is so happy. It's definitely what you feed your body and I'm so glad I've found the product and super happy that knowing what goes on my daughter's face is nothing but clean and safe. If there were more stars to rate, Aleavia, you'll get 100 stars.” - Christina G, Five Stars, Verified Customer

Effective for a variety of uses, the prebiotic Purifying Facial Cleanse works as an organic acne treatment, clearing both face and neck acne. It also can reduce fine lines, lighten sun spots, alleviate rosacea, and beyond. Thanks for your kind words and sharing you and your daughter’s experience, Christina!

“Best Facial Cleanse Ever”

“I started using Aleavia products early this year. It took about three months for my facial redness to disappear. I've been wearing less makeup while going out, and, sometimes, not wearing foundation at all! So affordable and an eco-friendly product to boot! Thanks to my local nutrition store that carried the brochures and the products to introduce them to the public.” - Linda F., Five Stars, Verified Customer

One of the “beyond” benefits we mentioned above is exactly this — reducing facial pigmentation caused by a variety of possibilities, among them being hormone changes and pregnancy. We are so thrilled to read about Linda’s experience and how she is now proud to show off her radiant skin in public! Our simple, effective organic facial cleanser is vegan, safe for everyone in the family (even babies!), free of all fragrances and dyes, and is 100 percent natural and organic.

Enzymatic Body Cleanse

Aleavia Enzymatic Body Clean removes dirt, excess oil, and toxins from the surface of your skin while doing its prebiotic thing and feeding the helpful and vital microbes in your skin’s microbiome. Like the all-natural facial cleanser highlighted above, this organic body wash is vegan, non-toxic, and is chemical and paraben-free!

“Holy Grail Body Cleanser”

No joke this has changed the softness of my skin in under 4 days when I first started using it. I had some bumps on my arms, now baby soft and smooth. I have been dry brushing and then washing with this incredible prebiotic cleanse and my skin has never felt or looked better, and it’s only been two weeks!! Every other body wash was stripping my skin of its natural oils and I never felt clean even though I used 100% phthalate free soap. I don’t think I will ever purchase another body wash again...Incredible!” - Felicia A., Five Stars, Verified Customer

Thanks, Felicia, for letting us know some of your story and how Aleavia was able to be a part of your recent changes! Effective as a full-body cleanser, our Enzymatic Body Cleanse eliminates body odor and stabilizes the pH levels of your skin.

“Love This Product”

“My 1 year old has really bad eczema and I bathed her with this and she has stopped itching. And I'm so thankful we finally found a product that works! With no harmful chemicals at all!” - Michelle T., Five Stars, Verified Customer

Our all-natural skin care products can be safely used by anyone in the family, for a variety of purposes. In Michelle’s case, she was able to use our eczema body cleanser to eliminate eczema. Others use it for keratosis, psoriasis, and even to help reduce the appearance of fresh burns or scars. Thanks for your kind words, Michelle.

Restore Soothing Mist

With the power of healing, plant-based ingredients, our Restore Soothing Mist is effective in providing temporary relief from irritated, dry, or itchy skin. It also has a long-term benefit of actively initiating the healing process for conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and others. The mist also promotes collagen production, which in turn restores damage caused by aging and harmful chemicals most of us interact with on a daily basis.


“I have only been using this product for a week but I am in love! I use it on my face at night as a sort of toner/moisturizer! I have really bad psoriasis and after only a week I am surprised to see a difference in my spots! They are calmer, smaller and less itchy! I feel really good about the ingredients and I bought the gift set so I could travel with it this Christmas break. Thank you for an amazing product!” - Kristi, Five Stars, Verified Customer

The beauty of our Restore Soothing Mist is in its short-term, immediate relief from irritated and itchy skin, combined with the long-term healing activity that occurs due to the prebiotic nourishment you feed your skin. As Kristi explained, this product can have a variety of impacts, including the reduction of the appearance of sunspots! Thanks for taking the time, Kristi, we greatly appreciate it.

“Love My Face!”

“I have quite a bit of sun damage, due to living in Florida and loving the beaches. I would have to get concealer to match my skin tone and hide the darker areas. Now after using this for a while, the “sun spots” are fading and I don’t have to wear the foundation or concealer anymore❤️” - Michelle K., Five Stars, Verified Customer

Michelle’s review echoes the sentiments of many who have tried our Restore Soothing Mist. Imagine not having to worry about makeup (if you wear makeup in the first place, of course) when you go out because your skin has a natural glow to it! With our prebiotic skin care products at Aleavia, you won’t have to imagine much longer! Thanks for your business and the five stars, Michelle!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed the testimonials we’ve chosen to highlight in today’s post. If you’ll excuse horrible a horrible pun, we found them to be as glowing as your skin could be if you are ready to take the next step and try Aleavia vegan skin care line today! What do you have to lose?

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  • CLEANSE, the very best, all natural ingredients in one bottle to address bathing and shampooing. It is comforting to know you are cared for with such a healthy product imparting beauty and comfort to skin and leaving hair soft and manageable with body requiring no conditioner. It treats my Yorkie’s long hair providing the same wonderful care. Thank you for such fine products.


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