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World Bride Magazine And Sporteluxe Highlight Aleavia Prebiotic Skin Care

As more and more consumers are taking what they purchase and use on their bodies into their own hands, the importance of finding all-natural, organic beauty products has never been more preponderant in our society. While these terms might be abused as buzzwords to some brands, others of us take what we put into our products very seriously.

At Aleavia Plant-Based Skin Care, we are an organic skin care brand that believes in the power of using organic ingredients to feed the good bacteria already found on your skin’s microbiome. Prebiotic skincare refers to this process of feeding the existent microbes on your skin so that they can restore, rejuvenate, and rebalance the condition of your skin. For folks who experience dry skin, acne, rosacea, eczema, or have scars, blemishes, or even sunspots, Aleavia’s vegan skin care line is worth your consideration.

In today’s post, we are going to highlight two shoutouts we are so honored to receive. The first comes from World Bride Magazine in their article “Organic Luxury Beauty: Editor’s Pick,” and the second is a feature by Sporteluxe in their feature of “12 of The Very Best Products We Found at The Indie Beauty Expo.” If you are interested in what established publications and experts in the field are saying about our prebiotic skin care brand, we encourage you to read on to be enlightened!

World Bride Magazine

Austen Parker, a contributor for WBM, was tasked with answering the call many a reader put out for the magazine to test and review organic luxury beauty products that can be used as alternatives to the most popular luxury skincare lines that are currently on the market. After two months of testing, this is what Austen had to say about Aleavia Plant-Based Skincare in particular:

“This plant-based prebiotic healing mist is nothing short of a superfood for your skin. Restore Shooting Mist is formulated with carefully selected organic ingredients (including Acadian sea kelp, aloe vera, and coconut oil) to calm and heal rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, fresh scars, burns, and dehydrated skin – talk about an all-encompassing skincare product! I use this misting spray multiple times throughout the day as an instant skin refresher and highly recommend it for those with dry and/or irritated skin. For more information on Aleavia’s breakthrough plant-based prebiotic line, check out their main site here.”

Indeed, if you are fed up with traditional skin care methods and are looking for eczema treatment cream, our Restore Shooting Mist effectively rebalances your skin’s pH levels to restore hydration on a cellular level. Thanks for the love shown, Austen!


In the article 12 of The Very Best Products We Found At the Indie Beauty Expo, Sporteluxe chose Aleavia as one of the top products worth noting at the Indie Beauty Expose in the California Market Center building in downtown Los Angeles. The convention, as you can read in the article, showcases innovative natural and organic beauty skincare brands. With over 90 booths at the convention, we at Aleavia Plant-Based Skincare are proud to have been selected by Sporteluxe. Here is what their Los Angeles correspondent had to say about us on in January of 2017:

“Beneficial bacteria” was a buzz term at this year’s IBE, and I saw quite a few products that boasted probiotic bacteria on the label. It’s smart—research shows that balancing the skin’s microbiome is a crucial aspect of treating problems like acne, rosacea, and even eczema.  But Aleavia was the only product touting a prebiotic formula that uses sea kelp to encourage the growth and recovery of beneficial bacteria on the skin. Ever the minimalist, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Aleavia’s products all have less than seven ingredients—a true rarity in beauty! Plus, the gel cleansers are like a Swiss Army knife of soaps: You can use them to wash your face, body, hair, and hands. One product to get rid of pimples and give you voluminous, shiny hair? We’re sold.”

Our prebiotic skin care products are:

  • 100% natural and organic, nontoxic, and GMO- free.
  • Chemical and paraben free
  • Free of all fragrances and dyes
  • Contains no animal by-products
  • Vegan and cruelty free

We appreciate the focus on our organic, minimalist approach to the ingredients we utilize at Aleavia. Filtered water, Acadian Sea kelp, citric acid, soy lecithin, aloe vera, and coconut oil are included for specific reasons. These reasons are directly connected with:

  • pH balances the skin for smooth skin
  • Rosacea & Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Burns on the body or face
  • Fresh scars from surgery, or acne
  • Relief from general dryness or irritation

Consider Prebiotic Skincare From Aleavia

Doctors, beauty bloggers, the media, and the general public are all beginning to notice the powerful effect of prebiotic skin care. Although it isn’t a simple concept at all, and there is much more research being done on the topic of gut bacteria, the microbiome, and prebiotics, we do know that everyone needs to feed the good bacteria to achieve wellness. Through diet changes and carefully-developed skin care products like you’ll find at Aleavia, you can be well on your way to achieving the most healthy, radiant skin you’ve ever had. Shop our entire selection of all-natural skin care products today! And if you’d like to educate yourself a bit more on the topic of prebiotics, check out our dedicated prebiotic skin care resource here. If you are interested in learning more about our story at Aleavia, check out our about us page! Thanks for reading.

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