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Aleavia Prebiotic Skin Restoration Kit

Aleavia Prebiotic Skin Restoration Kit


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Everything you need to find relief for Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis and premature aging in one set! The Aleavia Prebiotic Skin Restoration Kit Aleavia Purifying Facial Cleanse is a 100% natural, nontoxic, GMO-free facial cleanser that balances, nourishes, purifies and plumps your skin with moisture.

Unlike harsh cleansers, Aleavia Purifying Facial Cleanse gently removes impurities from the skin while supporting good bacteria, which are essential for cell regeneration.

When used together, Aleavia Restore Soothing Mist multiplies the effect of Aleavia Purifying Facial Cleanse. This calming spray stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms on a cellular level, providing deep, penetrating nourishment to all layers of your skin. It provides critical moisture while promoting collagen reproduction and working to restore the damage caused by age and everyday toxins.  

Aleavia Prebiotic Skin Restoration Kit is:

  • 100% natural and organic
  • Non-toxic and GMO-free
  • Chemical- and paraben-free
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Free of all fragrances and dyes
  • Safe for everyone in the family, even baby
  • Vegan
  • Always cruelty-free

Best uses for Aleavia Prebiotic Skin Restoration Kit:

  • Stabilizing pH of the skin
  • Reducing fine lines
  • Removing all makeup, including waterproof makeup
  • Alleviating:
    • Rosacea
    • Psoriasis
    • Eczema
  • Reducing Spider Veins
  • Balancing facial pigmentation from hormone changes or sun exposure
  • To help reduce burns on the body or face
  • To help reduce fresh scars from surgery on the face or neck


  • 8oz bottle of Aleavia Purifying Facial Cleanse
  • 4oz bottle of Aleavia Restore Soothing Mist

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
Julie Green
I really like my Aleavia products

I really like my Alevia products. My only issue is that I feel like I am wasting product due to the lack of suds, not only do I have to shake the absolute life out of the product before applying... when I apply there truly is no lather so I end up using even more product. The facial wash I purchased though is lovely and it actually lathers up pretty well without having to shake the product to death before using it (as it doesn't require a shakeup before use). I have not had a chance to use the hand soap yet so I will get back with you on that. Overall I love the ingredients, they do not dry out my already dry skin at all and they make my skin feel better. Just fyi- Due to the lack of suds I decided to use the body wash on my hair to see if it was really getting my skin clean and my hair was actually squeaking after I rinsed it, so I know the Aleavia body wash products are truly cleansing my skin, it's just psychological I guess, that I need some type of lather to think I am actually getting clean.

Ashley Olson

Love the face products I reviewed and the body soap. My face feels refreshed and I love how clean the products are for your body.

Elizabeth Rudd
Love it!!

I’ve struggled with acne and textured skin all throughout my middle/highschool years. I’ve only started using aleavia products for about 8 months and I’ve already noticed a huge difference!! My skin is so much softer and there’s almost no texture!!

Ana Tena
Alevia Prebiotic Skin Restoration Kit

I recently purchased the kit and my skin is loving it! I have a history of Rosacea, it definitely helps relieve the redness in my cheeks. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and happy!

Best body cleanser!

I love the green tea honeysuckle body cleanse! I have not had a chance to try other products shofar.

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Love this face wash it’s my 7th purchase of it . Does not dry out your face ❤️

Really good

I love the clean ingredients. The only thing is I feel like the hydration feeling does not last all day

This lotion is rad!

I love it! It is rich but absorbs quickly and the smell is fresh and subtle. my skin feels moisturized all day. Highly recommend!

Love this body wash

The lavender cleanse has been very nourishing for my skin. I no longer have any skin irritation.

Healed my toddlers eczema

This stuff smells amazing and it healed my son's eczema! I wish it were more affordable, but it truly is a great product!